The time is now.
Ahora es el momento.

Equitable transit-oriented development – or eTOD – is now arriving in Chicago.

The Chicago region is among the most segregated in the country—the result of a century of racially motivated disinvestment and wealth extraction in which the built environment (the infrastructure of an area) was used as a tool to separate communities of color from opportunity. As a result, health and economic indicators show stark differences between communities. Our failure to fix this structural flaw and the problems it has caused has made race and equity top priorities among some of our region’s influential institutions and decision makers.

We are now in a catalytic moment.  Elevated Chicago introduces new planning, policy and finance tools designed to promote racial equity, prosperity and resiliency in Chicago communities by using eTOD as the catalyst for change.

Tools + resources + readiness: Working collaboratively, we will use transit stations as nodes to bring residents together around more inclusive built environments.


Elevated Chicago is a collaborative focused on racial equity, arts and culture, climate change resiliency, and public health in Chicago’s neighborhoods.


Our work seeks to drive transit-oriented development that improves neighborhoods without displacing current residents.


We are currently active in neighborhoods around seven Chicago transit stations.

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