Chicago announces first-ever pilot projects in equitable transit-oriented development

ETOD Pilot Program Hero

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, the City of Chicago announced 11 community projects that it selected for its ETOD Pilot Program. These first-ever pilots will bring the development of affordable housing, community centers, small businesses, cultural venues, and public art within walking distance of train stations and bus routes.

The Pilot Program granted a total of $160,000 in portions ranging from $15-$20k. Elevated Chicago collaborated with the City to make an initial joint commitment of resources, technical assistance and overall support to these pilots.

The selection process was rooted in Elevated Chicago’s rules of engagement and ensured transparency and power-sharing from the call for proposals to the final consensus. The unprecedented pilots are all feasible, equitable, transit-focused, and aligned with the ETOD Policy Plan.

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